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Test Engineer Level 3

Fort Meade, MD · Information Technology
This position requires the candidate hold an Active TS/SCI with Full Scope Polygraph Clearance.

The Level 3 Test Engineer (TE) shall possess the following capabilities:
Assist with any or all of the Level 1 tasks as constrained by technical training and previous testing experience 
- Conduct research into and apply knowledge of Government test and evaluation concepts and related engineering, acquisition, and operations activities as needed to support the T&E activities
- Plan and Execute Performance Analysis
- Assess operational and system performance requirements for testability and criticality to frame and prioritize T&E objectives and enable evaluation planning
- Review planned acquisition approaches to support T&E schedule alignment with decision maker needs for T&E support
- Coordinate with program Systems Engineering (SE) and review T&E-related SE information to leverage functional analysis, system descriptions, parameter selection and dependencies, Modeling and Simulation, and initial performance risk assessments to inform evaluation planning
- Assess operational environments and priorities for evaluation attention and scenario selection, and to coordinate user participation in T&E
- Analyze performance risk areas to focus T&E planning
- Specify, validate, and adapt Modeling and Simulation for T&E use
- Plan program and event level risk-tailored performance estimation and analysis of system and operational Effectiveness and Suitability metrics & conditions; levels of T&E include inspection, demonstration, paper analysis, survey, simulation, and physical test
- Apply Statistical Analysis of variations in performance behavior to characterize confidence in performance estimates
- Design surveys for evaluation of Subject Matter Expert (SME) input and user assessments of performance
- Select, develop, & use analysis tools
- Participate in the T&E Working-level Integrated Product Team (WIPT) and/or Integrated Test Team for coordination of evaluation plans
- Execute the evaluation plan on data collected by the Testing Tasks
- Produce Evaluation Plans (metric framework, scenarios/threads, timelines, requirements/T&E cross-walk), Analysis Plans, Data Requirements, Risk Assessments, Evaluation Reports, Status reports; provide input to Government T&E products (e.g., Technology Readiness Assessments, Test & Evaluation Strategy, Test & Evaluation Master Plan, T&E Plans & Procedures and Test Readiness Reports)
- Plan and Execute Performance Data Collection
- Plan program and event level testing for collection of data required for analysis and to synch T&E events with supported decision points
- Design data sampling schemes to optimize the information/resource balance and to control testing uncertainties
- Select, coordinate, and calibrate Instrumentation, collection and data management tools, targets, & facilities
- Ensure test readiness including training of test event participants re conduct of the event; equipment readiness, and security, legal, and privacy compliance arrangements
- Establish and employ Data & Configuration Management capabilities
- Support Data Authentication group functions; and comply with program Discrepancy Reporting criteria and processes
- Participate in T&E WIPT and/or Integrated Test Team for coordination of data collection plans
- Execute Testing and Data Collection per plan
- Produce associated Test Plans, Procedures, and Reports/Briefings, Data Management Plan
- Define and provide technical direction and guidance for the Level 1 tasks to the Level 0 and Level 1 TEs assigned to the task
- Recommend draft plans and reports from the Level 1 tasks for approval by the task leader
- Work directly with the Government sponsor to coordinate task implementation
- Maintain knowledge of current and evolving agency, national, and international standards applicable to the system development of interest
- Provide overall leadership of the T&E task and serve as primary liaison to the government for supporting contract coordination and task execution
- Manage T&E resources and tasks; ensure quality assurance of test processes and products
- Coordinate and integrate Evaluation and Testing tasks and products
- Participate in T&E WIPT and/or Integrated Test Team as needed to ensure proper coordination of T&E activities
- Communicate issues and solutions to the broader government and contract management structure as requested by Leadership
- Drive innovation and responsiveness to program changes and evolving T&E status to help manage program risk: develop alternative courses of action, work-arounds, and fall-back positions with a recommended course of action for each risk, and monitor and re-evaluate risks at appropriate milestones
- Ensure the appropriate level of independence of the team from the solution provider to support government management of objectivity risk

- Eight (8) years’ experience as a TE in programs and contracts of similar scope, type and complexity is required.
- Bachelor’s degree in Math, Science, Engineering, Statistics, Engineering Management or related discipline from an accredited college or university is required.
- Four (4) years of additional TE experience may be substituted for a bachelor’s degree.
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